What’s Womentor?

Womentor is a mentorship program for women in graphic design that provides industry support to women in senior design roles wanting to level up to creative directorship or needing guidance on where to go and what to do next.

Why Womentor?

Because as of 2017, 75% of graphic design students are women, but only 11% are creative directors. More needs to be done get these numbers more balanced, and studios, agencies, educational institutions, design history, discourse, leadership roles, awards, conferences, panels, and industry must stop being dominated by men.


Who can apply?

Designers with a minimum of 5 years' experience in the graphic design industry. We strongly encourage women and women-identifying from all cultural backgrounds to apply, as well as mothers returning to work.

What’s the application criteria?

Please click here.

I’m a web designer/illustrator/copywriter/developer. Can I still apply?

No, sorry. Womentor is solely focused on graphic design, but we do encourage you to start your own mentorship program for women if one does not exist in your industry. The more women doing this the better (obviously).

Are applications open to people in all countries?

Yes. We are proud to be bringing Womentor internationally for the first time in 2019.



Can I choose my mentor?

No. Mentees are matched to mentors based on strengths, experience, background, and location.

How are the sessions run?

Each program consists of 6 mentoring sessions over 6 months, either in-person, via email and/or over Skype. The delivery of the sessions depends on the location, schedule, and availability of the mentors. The first and last sessions are conducted in-person where geographically possible. In addition, mentees are required to submit detailed reports after each session.

Is there a cost?

No. Womentor is run and provided pro bono.

I'm going away during the program. Can I still apply?

No. As you can appreciate, our womentors have very busy schedules and can’t put the program on hold. Mentees are also required to submit detailed reports after each session, so full commitment to the program is required. You're more than welcome to apply for the next round though.

I'm a creative director. Can I be a mentor?

If you have 5+ years’ industry experience as a creative director, we'd love to hear from you.


How can my brand/company/organisation support Womentor?

Womentor considers sponsorship, and product and service offerings from brands, companies, and organisations that align with our mission and core values. Please contact us and tell us a bit about what you do and what you can bring to the program and our participants. We'd love to hear from you.


Can I feature/interview Womentor for my article/website/publication?

Thank you for your interest in Womentor and the opportunity to promote the program to a wider audience. We consider media requests from brands, companies, and organisations that align with our mission and core values. Please note that due to time constraints, we are only able to provide interviews via email.